Wiicare News | Jan 26, 2021
WIICARE® – A New Global Health Packaging Leader

Wipak and Winpak are joining forces to form a new global brand Wiicare for Health packaging. Together we will ensure that our customers receive enhanced performance through jointly designed, identical global product portfolio of sterile barrier systems wherever sourced globally.

The target of Wiicare is to transform today’s independent Wipak and Winpak companies into a unified, global, compelling and agile organization to become the most sought-after supplier of health packaging. Customers are looking to do business with suppliers that know them intimately, offer global presence with local service, offering an experience and supply that meets their long-term needs.

The new Wiicare organization will manage global sales, R&D, regulatory affairs, product management and marketing.  Operations will continue to work under the existing companies of Wipak and Winpak. Main Wipak sites manufacturing health products are Wipak Oy, BP and Changshu, and similarly the healthcare packaging sites from Winpak: Winpak Division, Winpak Heat Seal Packaging, Winpak Control Group and Winpak Films

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